Monday, 21 May 2012

Regional Road Race Championships

Stockbridge Sunday 20th May

A dry, blustery, overcast day welcomed Adam, Andrew and Berni for their visit to Stockbridge to compete in the regional championship veteran’s race. All 3 riders feeling suitably senior and of an age to safely avoid the championship race proper!

Berni’s description of the 13 mile circuit as “testing” was something of an understatement. It was horrible! Nearly 300 metres of climbing per lap and the major 2km climb leading out of Stockbridge and up to the finish line.

The race started just after 10am (following the departure of the main event) with a 2km neutralised section running from Test Valley school – race HQ – to the bottom of said hill, when the race went live. Straightaway the pace went up in parallel with the gradient. The peleton held together for the first lap but on the 2nd visit to the climb it started to fracture, which was to be the pattern for the rest of the race. Not surprisingly, Andrew was one of the first to go and was soon riding with a small group of similarly ejected riders!! Adam suffered a similar fate soon after.

Berni, however, managed to stay with the group and was able to contest the uphill “sprint” to the flag. Despite a grey face and some grimacing, he came over the line in 5th place. A fine result for his first race outing of the year, and more points for CCB. Well done Berni!

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