Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Another Wednesday, and another outing for CCB’s racers. With Jon Harris away, it was Scott
Oatridge’s turn to open his racing account at Eelmore, alongside Craig Atwell and Joe Gray in the 3 rd
& 4th cat race.

As usual, as the season progresses, more people turn out to race and so there was a bigger field
than the previous week, and the pace was a bit more brisk! Both Craig and Joe made efforts at the
front but trying to make a break stick was always going to be hard with a faster moving peleton. As
is often the case, it came down to a bunch gallop at the finish. Unfortunately, with about 60 riders
in the bunch, there was also a fair bit of pushing and bumping, so on the penultimate lap, Scott was
pushed out onto the grass. Good bike handling and a bit of luck saw him recover but fall back a bit
so that when the final sprint began he was not ideally positioned. Still, first CCB rider home in about
12th, with Craig and Joe following in not far behind.

Andrew McCombe was in action at Hillingdon, again competing in the Master’s series there.
Likewise, there was a much bigger field also running at a slightly brisker pace. Unfortunately, just
over 30 minutes into the race, there was a big crash involving a number of riders as the boys passed
the girls! Consequently, the organisers had no choice but to cancel the race. A rather unfortunate
end to the evening!

Next outing – Eelmore on 9th May.

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