Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Punctures Galore

Eelmore, Wednesday 9th May

The old guard were out for last Wednesday’s race at Eelmore. Jon and Scott were racing in the 3rd & 4th cat race, and Andrew tried his hand with the E/1/2s.

There was a stiff breeze blowing down the home straight which had a big influence on proceedings in both races, but not as much as the condition of the track surface.

The E/1/2 race is very hard! Lots of attacks early on until the elastic breaks and the race is fractured into lots of small groups on the road. Andrew soon found himself in a small group of one, followed soon after by a puncture and the end of his evening!! More interval training required, I think!?

Jon and Scott did a good job of sitting in the peleton until late in the race, when Jon suffered a puncture just at the point of the lap count-down. This meant he spent the next 5 laps chasing back on with no energy left for the sprint. Scott found himself in a better position, but not much. A sizeable group broke away from the front in the last couple of laps to contest the sprint with Scott following in behind. The only bit of good luck was that he then avoided the rather unexpected crash that occurred soon after this group crossed the finish line! Both riders agreed – more interval training required!!

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