Monday, 21 May 2012

NHRC Invitation

Hello Northanters

As I am sure you all know one of the first Olympic Medals to be completed for will be the mens road race on Saturday 28 July.

It was suggested at a recent committee meeting that it might be a good idea for the club to get together on that day and watch the race as a club group, (no, I haven't acquired 50 dodgy tickets on the internet). What we have done is that Maggie has used her influence at the Ex-services Club in New Road, where we will be able to have the use of a room with a large drop-down TV screen on which to watch the race. THE BAR will be open and we are also planning to have refreshments available.

The time of start is 10.00 with the finish scheduled for around 16.00. I guess that some might want to watch the entire race although maybe most would prefer to take in the final 2 or 3 hours. I am not yet sure how long the transmission will be. Hopefully the complete race.

We are planning to charge £1 to all who wish to come along, this will help to pay for some of the refreshments although contributions of a cake or two or perhaps some sausage rolls etc. would be welcome.

The event is open to club members and non-members and we are hoping to attract as many as possible to help make the day the next best thing to being there on the course. 

Please let me know if you think you will be attending.

Doug H.

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