Sunday, 15 May 2011

Thruxton & Team Basingstoke 24hr Ride


Craig Attwell our enthusiastic 18 year old (well next week he is) rode his first ever race today.  Speaking at the finish line he said “I went with all the attacks and got in to a few breaks and felt really good, but I just couldn’t keep with the final sprint, but I was really proud to have finished in the bunch” Well done Craig - next stop Eelmore..!


Andrew and Karl made the relatively early start to show the CCB colours at thruxton this morning. A bright but cool morning looked promising, but a stiff wind blowing down and across the "back" straight looked ominous The race was to be 12 laps and started a minute or two behind the elites. The wind was to prove to be the decisive factor in the race. On lap 6, a fairly sizeable break occurred with at least 8-10 riders which the peleton seemed disinclined to chase. In fact, with the wind blowing obliquely from right to left across the back straight, it was very difficult to hide. The group seemed unable to form effective echelons, and everyone made for the left side of the track. A number of riders seemed to perform this manoeuvre without any regard for their fellow riders on several occasions. This led to some riders being forced off the track, and then losing contact with the peleton. Sadly Karl was caught up with such an incident on lap 8. This also contributed significantly to the work involved in chasing and probably explained the peleton's reluctance.  Realising that, unless something was done, the pack would not be racing for points, on lap 8, Andrew made an effort to get on the front and try and organise a bit of a chase. Sadly only 2 or 3 other riders seemed to appreciate the significance of the situation, and were prepared to do any work. So, after a fairly long and sustained stint, including a decent turn up the hill and onto the wind, (and all the shouting!!) Andrew went into the red and got dropped out the back. Soon after, Andrew and Karl made contact again, found out what had happened to each and decided that a steady lap to warm down and an early finish at the end of the 11th lap were the order of the day!

Nevertheless, still a useful exercise: a high speed training ride, yet more race experience but still begs the question: how do you know if that's the break that's going to get away?  Oh! And the breakaway succeeded with the first rider from the pack only managing 10th place!


Our longstanding member Luke Brashier and his team are taking part in a charity event riding for 24hrs round Goodwood Motor Racing Circuit on the 18 & 19 of June.  They have a minimum target of £1,250 to raise for charity so please do see your way to helping them achieve their target for this worthy cause by pledging your support following the link below:

Luke will be joined by his wife Alison, Phil Watts and Graham Simpson (from North Hants Road Club) raising essential money to help the charity continue their ground breaking research.

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