Tuesday, 17 May 2011

CCB International

Mark Green has been exchanging emails with an International CCB and we thought this may be of interest.  I have copied some background information and put a permanent link on our blog should you wish to follow/contact them.  Apparently, "one of the" founding fathers" was an ex member of Cycle Club Basingstoke, John Ireland, Bernie remembers him.  You will see the similarity in club colours and logo."

"Sometimes I think our club has grown too much, but the essential spirit of the club has remained constant since our early days.  Our membership is 160+ at this writing, and I would estimate that 40-50 members race.  Mostly road races, but some cyclocross and off-road racing as well.  The rest of our members are club riders, most of whom enjoy fast riding in the racing style.  We are one club, with club riders and racers mixing together to a greater extent than most clubs over here.  In season we do 4 late afternoon rides a week, and 2 rides each weekend year around, road conditions permitting in the winter.

There are only a handful remaining at best of us originals from our club that remember John Ireland.  I can still feel his influence in the nature of the club.  Perhaps one day I will venture across the pond to explore my family roots in England.  I would love to do a ride with your club if and when that happens.

Much of our club communication is through a weekly email newsletter that I send out.  I will include your email update in the next issue.  I know it will be a big hit with the club.  I'll take the opportunity to tell the newer members a little about our history.  I haven't done that for a few years now.

Thanks again, and all the best from CCB International to Cycle Club Basingstoke."

Michael Zagachin

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