Thursday, 12 May 2011

Eelmore Race 5

CCB riders were recovering from Sunday's incident so there were just 2 riders for race 5 of this Wednesday evening series.  Here Mark Renshaw AKA Andrew McCombe eloquently describes the evenings racing...

So, John and I were both there to fly the flag for CCB. Much smaller field than normal, about 40 riders. The race started slowly, but, as ever, and soon enough the inevitable breaks came. As usual it was a case of 2, 3 or 4 riders making a bit of a gap for half a lap or so, and then being reeled back in over the next lap or two. John did a good job of sitting in for most of the race with Andrew doing a fair bit of work on the front mid-race.

Strangely though, with about 6 laps to go, a small group of about 8 riders, including a couple of youth riders, made a bit of a break which seemed to stick at about 150-200 metres. Although the peleton upped its pace over the last few laps, and the gap seemed to close a bit, it never quite came back. Consequently, on the last lap, and following a pre-agreed plan, I (Andrew) gave John a bit of a lead out down the back straight (I saw 35mph on the Garmin!). I was able to close down the gap and delivered John to the back of the breakaway group just as we made the bottom corner. It was then up to John who, although tired from working hard to get to the front over the last few laps, was able to manage a decent enough sprint to claim 7th place. Not a bad evening's work and a few more points for the cause!

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