Monday, 9 May 2011

From 27 April to 8 May 2011

Time Trialling:  Andrew McCombe took a break from road racing and rode the NHRC 10 at Bentley (27/04/11) with a time of 24:43 and placed 14/28.  I believe Mrs. McCombe who is a Triathlete also rode.

Jeff Triner rode the non-aero NHRC TT at Aldermaston (05/05/11) with a time of 25:41 and placed 10/25.

Road Racing

SERRL: Scott Oatridge continues his busy start to the racing Season with another SERRL road race saying “he went with every break and attacked several times himself, but none were successful, but when a break did get away he had nothing more to give, so he rolled in with the bunch”. Surely with race fitness improving it must just be a matter of time before his efforts begin to bear fruit.

Eelmore Race 4: Another large turnout for this one with 4 CCB members riding.  A repeat of Race 3; a well organised team attacked and a rider got away with his team mates repeatedly and, successfully, riding on the front to slow things down.  Thankfully this race passed without serious incident and the CCB were off colour on this one and came away empty handed.

Carnage at Glorious Goodwood:  It was great to see the CCB out in force with 6 riders.  After the heavy rain of the previous night it turned out to be a dry - if a tadge windy - race with a sensible sized field.  Everything was going fine, with us all feeling strong and riding near the front.  Scott in his inimitable style attacked and was joined by two other riders; their gap was around 200m and, with the wind, it was unlikely to last; a touch of wheels sent Scott to the tarmac with one other rider behind, thankfully Scott was not seriously injured but he did reinstate his road rash and with a few days recovery and his wheels straightened he should be back in the saddle soon.    3 other riders Jeff, Luke and Karl, at about halfway mark, were taken down by a considerable crash in the bunch at around 28 mph which resulted in the race being neutralised whilst medics attended what appeared to be some very  serious injuries.  Jeff later confirmed he had a broken elbow (get well soon), Luke was grazed and was eager to re-join whilst Karl who was an effective barrier came away with cuts bruises and a little road rash, but his beautiful Colnago is a write off;   the race eventually restarted with just 3 fast laps.  The 2 remaining riders, Andrew and Jon probably placed top 20. 

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