Friday, 6 April 2012

Tuesday Circuits Begin 10 April 2012

Meeting at the top of Farleigh Hill crossroads, these training rides will run from Tuesday 10th April to Tuesday 22nd May.  Depending on the numbers, we might continue with these rides throughout the Summer.

This involves 3 laps (c.7 miles each lap) of a local circuit designed to build on the Sunday training rides; these are at a higher intensity but much shorter in duration (c.1hr).  Because these are circuits, it doesn’t matter if you can’t make the 3 laps to begin with, you can take time to recover and re-join on the next lap and continue to do so until your fitness improves to see you through to the finish.

Start time is 6:15 pm.  Each lap takes around 20 minutes, so even if you can’t make the start time, you can always be there for Lap 2!

See you there.

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