Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Colin's update...

I've a couple of things to report back on.  
I raced the Maidenhead and District CC sporting time trial on 11 March.  This is hilly (just under) 30 mile course in the Chilterns starting at Lane End north of Marlow.  I set off hard and caught my minute man within the first mile or so.  The 6 miles to the first turn are all slightly up hill then there is a technical bit through to Christmas Common, which I did feeling in good form.  From there it is nearly all down hill to Henley, pretty much the fastest 10 miles you'll every do on a time trial.  Its then heavy roads along by the Thames to Marlow and then four miles of mostly draggy uphill before a final kick to the village hall at Frieth.  I got a bit concerned that I hadn't passed anyone else, but it turned out that I had three non-starters and two of the top three placed riders ahead of me.  Finishing time was 1-16.41 which was good enough for 9th, my first top 10 place in an open time trial.  Rode to and from the start from home to bring up an imperial century for the day.  Top day out!

I also completed the Dean 300k Audax on 24 March and was first man home in 12 hours and 47 minutes – as I hadn't bothered to put my race bike away.  It was about 15 minutes slower than the previous year but I'd had less company and I got close to suffering from the bonk between Marlborough and Membury.

Since then I've swapped bike for running shoes to do the Reading Half-Marathon as the office I work at does this big time for charity - we had 37 entrants which knocked me about far more than the Dean the previous weekend but did complete my first half-marathon in 1–31 – the second one from our office back.  So will have a go at doing it properly next year.

Karl spotted me on the way to my caravan in Selsey; I thought I was quite relaxed at the time.  I was more intense on Easter Monday when I set-off at 3.30am to complete a century ride including an ascent of Bignor Hill (so steep the tarmac doesn't stick) before breakfast.

Next events are the Bryan Chapman Memorial 600k Audax on 19-20 May and  the Hounslow and District '100' on the H100/88 course (Bentley – Farnham – Alton – Bentley x5) - if we get two more entries we'd have a chance at a team prize – otherwise its the closest to Basingstoke you can get seeing the club colours in action.

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