Saturday, 16 April 2011

Eelmore Race 1

Eelmore got underway last week with 3 riders from the CCB taking part.  Here is a description of the nights events and other race reports by an in form Andrew McCombe:

So, went to Eelmore on Wednesday night for the first of the Cycle Kingdom Wednesday night series. Met both John and Jamie there. We were all entered in the 3rd/4th cat race. John explained that this was his first race and so expectations were not high. Jamie was clearly up for it having just won the youth race!

Off we went - decent sized peleton - with the usual sprint out of the corners - particularly the bottom corner. A typical Eelmore interval session. John and I sat in the bunch to conserve our aging energy. Jamie did a great job - always near the front - and chased down a couple of attempted breaks. He was looking very good until in the home straight on the penultimate lap, with the usual bunch sprint looming, there was an enormous crash. At least 2 riders went down and one of them was Jamie who went head over heels! Amazing and a bit scary to watch but fortunately he was fine, just a flat tyre. In fact this was the second crash of the evening with an earlier crash on the bottom corner taking out a couple of riders.

I managed to avoid this crash, just, and then sat on the back of the front group until the home straight, when I went for my best sprint and placed 6th! John finished somewhere in the pack.

Today I went to Hillingdon for another 3rd/4th cat race organised by Westerley CC. This was also the usual bunch ride for 25 laps but no crashes. Once again stuck with the race plan that seems to be serving me so well. Sat at front end of the bunch until coming into the home straight, and then blasting it. Not quite in the perfect position for this today, sat a little too far back so had a fair bit of work to do but still managed to get 7th. So, very happy to be keeping a 100% scoring record but didn't see any familiar faces. 

pics here:

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